ketki ni kalame (eBook)

ketki ni kalame (eBook)

by Ketki Shah (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: Philosophy, Self-Improvement
Language: Gujarati
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Description of "ketki ni kalame (eBook)"

This book is based solely on the thoughts of an author about socialism, way of living in the society, manner of act, her understanding about life, customs and relation of an almighty with the living soul, connection of natural world with the human life. It's a short narrative book of author's view on life; living; customs; society; connection with nature and god. It provides knowledge about living well in a society and opens up your eyes on issues where we just shut our ears and eyes and follow them without any logical thinking. Author has described her answers for some of this issues through her perception and also left some questions unanswerable for you to think about with your own perception.
A short non-fiction philosophical self help journey which will make you think again before following blindly the ongoing customs of your society.

About the author(s)

Mrs. Ketki Shah is a full-time household wife who pursued her career as a self published author and thereby narrating her experience about life and way of living in the society. She nurtures you as a mother and teaches you the art of living gracefully on this motherland her by her medium of writing. She is an Indian lady who has lived with the traditions and customs running in Hindu society family.

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Ketki Shah
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