Life Changing Quotes & Thoughts (Volume 52) (eBook)

Life Changing Quotes & Thoughts (Volume 52) (eBook)

Motivational & Inspirational Quotes

by LivingInWellbeing, Dr. Purushothaman (write a review)
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Description of "Life Changing Quotes & Thoughts (Volume 52) (eBook)"

This Title “Life Changing Quotes & Thoughts” is a series of Volumes of a series of specially collected and compiled Precious & Invaluable Quotes, Thoughts & Sayings by the great Masters Sages, Motivators, Thinkers, Philosophers, Successful persons & Leaders of the World from the beginning of time till now- with special emphasis to Human Life themes.

Each & every Quote, Thought or Saying we find in each volume is really Thought-provoking & Insightful and will definitely generate a new thinking pattern to change the life of the reader in the most Effective & Positive way. Regular reading and introspection of each Thought will activate our Inner Vision & Wisdom.

Let’s make it a habit to go through this Devine Gift every day for a better Life, in the days to come.
With these words of introduction, we are submitting these Volumes as a regular programme of Centre For Human Perfection to the entire Humanity.

With regards,
Living In Wellbeing

About the author(s)

Dr.Purushothaman [LivingInWellbeing], (Visionary & Director, Centre for Human Perfection, a Centre par Excellence for Mind Programming & Applied Life Themes), M.B.B.S; D.T.M&H; MS; PhD (Psycho) is currently working as a General Surgeon, Spiritual Scientist, Positive Psychologist, Life & Happiness Coach, Positive Health &Well Being Trainer, Mentor, Motivator, Master Mind Programmer,A Writer & Consultant to various National & International Organizations.
Dr.Purushothaman regularly writes in many of the Indian Journals & Magazines.Also an Author & Co-author of many Motivational & Self-help Books. A regular Blogger on Wellbeing & Positive Health.

Our Website: www.livinginwellbeing.org

Our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/livinginwellbeing

Our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/VisionAndViews

Our Email ID: livinginwellbeing@gmail.com

Our Mobile No.: +91 882-112-8830

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