Tobacco the Killer (eBook)

Tobacco the Killer (eBook)

by Mahesh Sharma (write a review)
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Description of "Tobacco the Killer (eBook)"

It is unfortunate to know that in the Hiroshima accident 3 lakh people had died but 14 times death occurs today every year because of tobacco against which no concrete action is being taken. Why no one raises voice sternly in spite of 55000 people die daily telling us drowning of five Titanics as in the Titanic incident 11000 deaths had occurred? Instead of action tobacco companies are misguiding the youths by showing tobacco as an ego cum energy boosting product, bringing liveliness, females being attracting towards tobacco eating people. The warning that they write as tobacco chewing is injurious to health is less appealing than the impressive and appealing messages that they pass through smoking and chewing tobacco via their energy boosting lively advertisements. These tobacco manufacturers are making their pockets heavy day by day with the increasing population towards tobacco; instead allowing them to do publicity of their products rather they should be forced to stop such products with regards to humanity by driving anti-tobacco drives.

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Mahesh Sharma a well-known journalist and author, who has written more than 250 books in Hindi and English. His book, Mahatma Gandhi won the Madhya Pradesh Govern-ment’s, ‘Gandhi Darshan National Award’, in 2010. Besides this he is a recipient of Natraj Author Award, Purvottar Hindi Academy, Meghalaya, Shillong Award (twice) and several others.

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