English Word Exercises (Part 2): Choose the Correct Word (eBook)

English Word Exercises (Part 2): Choose the Correct Word (eBook)

by Manik Joshi (write a review)
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English Word Exercises (Part 2): Choose the Correct Word

Sample This:

Choose The Correct Word – 01 - 10
(Exercise 01)

ascertain, comply, diagnosed, entails, incessant, poured, rectified, submerged, terminated, whopping

01. Congratulatory messages ____________ in from all parts of the country.
02. He furnished a ____________ fine of dollar 1 million.
03. Heavy downpour ____________ buildings and vehicles across the city.
04. Power supply resumed after power officials ____________ the problem.
05. She was ____________ with having mild breathing difficulty.
06. They were ____________ from service after their certificates were found to be fake.
07. This offence ____________ a jail term of up to six months or fine or both.
08. Vehicular traffic in the hilly region was affected by ____________ rainfall.
09. We are trying to ____________ source from where the victim caught infection.
10. We have to ____________ with the laws of the land.

01. poured | 02. whopping | 03. submerged | 04. rectified | 05. diagnosed | 06. terminated | 07. entails | 08. incessant | 09. ascertain | 10. comply

Choose The Correct Word – 11 - 20
(Exercise 02)

clogged, conducted, disbursed, ensure, gauged, insistence, scarce, sustained, tolerated, triggered

11. ____________ that students do not use unfair means in the next exam.
12. Anti-party activities will not be ____________, however big the person is.
13. With coal and petroleum products becoming ____________ in the near future, scientists should venture into producing solar energy through researches.
14. He ____________ serious head injuries and is in coma.
15. Principal ____________ a meeting with teachers to resolve the issue.
16. It was at the ____________ of his four-year-old elder daughter, that he bought a car four months ago.
17. She ____________ a huge political row by saying she feared for her life.
18. Silt from overflowing rivers ____________ the pipelines.
19. State government has not yet ____________ the scholarship amount.
20. The effect of these steps needs to be ____________.

11. ensure | 12. tolerated | 13. scarce | 14. sustained | 15. conducted | 16. insistence | 17. triggered | 18. clogged | 19. disbursed | 20. gauged

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Manik Joshi was born on Jan 26, 1979 at Ranikhet and is permanent resident of Haldwani, Kumaon zone of India. He is an Internet Marketer by profession. He is interested in domaining (business of buying and selling domain names), web designing (creating websites), and various online jobs (including 'self-publishing'). He is science graduate with ZBC (zoology, botany, and chemistry) subjects. He is also an MBA (with specialization in marketing). He has done three diploma courses in computer too. ManikJoshi.com is the personal website of the author.

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