Fundamentals of Manufacturing Ecosystem in Industry 4.0 (eBook)

Fundamentals of Manufacturing Ecosystem in Industry 4.0 (eBook)

Essential of Economic Engineering and Econometrics in Manufacturing

by Manoj Trivedi (write a review)
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Description of "Fundamentals of Manufacturing Ecosystem in Industry 4.0 (eBook)"

Creating performance pillar is central to organizational success in VUCA world, moreso, in AI era. It is the first step of capacity building towards vertical and horizontal integration of organization to create value across organizational activities micro analysing ever changing business dynamics.. Manufacturing is a dark place, shrouded in clouds. Modern theory of firm strategy integrating various analytics have yielded little to no result.Lean principles too have also failed to produce desired impact over the balance sheet. Manufacturing entities are still working at profit margin of 6-8% that is equivalent to banks return even though it has the capacity of higher yield.On the other hand retail business is earning well beyond 20% - Food for thought!!

Thanks to PwC for voicing my concern. In their recent report they have rightly said : Mere adopting AI will not yield desired results unless it is supported by robust performance pillars. Such pillars can not be built by IPO / Linear models. Business skill is central to human capabilities that cannot be taken over by any technology. "The world will always need human brilliance, human ingenuity and human skill..." - World Economic Forum.

Business Skill being the manifestation of augmented, cognitive and collective business wisdom through adaptation of various role is the prerequisite of Industry 4.0. This is mandatory to analyse various macro & microeconomic parameters reading operational economic fine prints and grow achieving economies of scale across factors of operation through common scale.

Wrong notion is being created by sellers of tools of AI hiring Big Consultants to project Technology is supreme over human capabilities. Can they confirm, such tools will have required skills to outperform human intelligence? Such wrong notions has created confusion within organizations and CXOs leading to lackadaisical approach towards much needed change.

While making them highly competitive in VUCA world and take them to whole new world of sustainable paradigm, this book strikes a balance between technology and skills required by each domain adding extraordinary value to the benefit of organizations, CXOs and employees.

This book is also useful for MSMEs, who bound by their financials limitation, have no occasion to hire costly talents. But being the pillar of economy, they have the equal right to grow.

This book is suitable for -
• Business Owners, CXOs and ROI Concerns across Large, Small & Medium enterprises.
• This book is also important for CHROs for their increasing responsibilities and role.
• This book is also useful for white collar employees who want to remain relevant under changed world.

About the author(s)

Manoj Kumar Trivedi with four decade leadership across diverse industries is a Strategic Advisor and Business Mentor. Qualified through Supply Chain, Materials & Operational Research certification, he is the Founder Director of iGlobal Research and Analytics, India.

He is engaged in transforming people, transforming role and transforming organizations through business acumen and leadership. He loves meeting extraordinary people, learning from them and touching leaders in a meaningful way. He believes in leadership that inspires and guide people through decision making process to make a world worth living.

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