In INDIA some 24  new remark  concepts /research  for  deprive castes  ,religions , groups , races  economic  and political development      (Edition-5 ) (eBook)

In INDIA some 24 new remark concepts /research for deprive castes ,religions , groups , races economic and political development (Edition-5 ) (eBook)

by MANTU KUMAR SATYAM (write a review)
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Description of "In INDIA some 24 new remark concepts /research for deprive castes ,religions , groups , races economic and political development (Edition-5 ) (eBook)"

The political economy understand have essential highly important thing for deprive castes ,religions, groups ,races like cashless economy, agriculture development , huge black money , un necessary infrastructure( like road, ) , middle and small industry promotion with destroy the MNC , reservation( loan, tender , job ) e.t.c , all the problems and misuse govt. money to deprive castes to development stop . Political economy is very important aspects , if its not solve by political fights not deprive castes possible develop . the other pure economics is automatics some simple wisdom /some concept solve its not any complex , only its powerful castes to do the bad advertise by root of political economy with its hidden issue to not the solve and common pure economics root to stop . Its main purpose Some till now not reveal for deprive castes ,religions ,groups political economy ,economics and political concepts not imagine new reveal idea to with some special to special review for development of deprive castes In INDIA with world wide . In edition we calculate first practical social empowerment new reveal with special review of how achieve the general economics and new reveal economics for deprive castes .Like till now not reveal with special to special review like for deprive castes achieve 70% economic issue in one to two years regular tough protest and assemble, tax recover before cashless economy remove unpractical jail system possible all raid , unnecessary road infrastructure , bank loan reservation with customer other Castes races formality , universal truth castes races never end as human psychology e.t.c like economy , political economics and political concepts .

Also sale the products have that come in main concept political lobbing like to self deprive castes customer to necessary deprive groups business other powerful races not purchase products ,only few formality have follow. After then equality concept of size flexible market apply of the number of maximum same level shop determine and use, not best to competition apply matters automatic political awareness solve

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•Author - Mantu Kumar Satyam Satyam

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• Author biography --------
• Author - Mantu Kumar Satyam Satyam
• ADD- S/O, Shiv Parsad Mandal, Front Baidynath Trading/ Hardware ,Choice Emporium Shop Building ,Near Jamuna Jour Pool, Near Ramjanki Mandir , Sarwan/ Sarath Main Road,, Castair Town,City-Deoghar,District-Deoghar ,State-Jharkhand,Country-India,Pincode-814112 .
Other permanent address—Village sukhjora,P.S-Sartah.Dist-Deoghar,JHARKHAND
• Religion-Hindu,Cate-sundi (O.B.C)
• Education- M.SC CRRA complete Sikkim Manipal University of distance education , Syndicate House ,Manipal ,State –Karnatak,Country-India. Pass year-2013 ,roll number-671016791. WEB-smude.edu.in in and complete 2 Years Post Graduate Diploma In Human Rights From -Indian Institute of Human RightsA 50, ParyavaranComplex,Saket-MaidangarhiMarg,New Delhi 110030 INDIA,SESSION-2012-14,roll number-384/HR/2012,web-- www.rightsedu.net/
• Date of birth-21/04/1984

•Mobile Number- 9546448956
• E-mail ID-satyamresearcher@gmail.com,mantu.satyam24@gmail.com
• Occupation---- ( 1) Individual human right activist , advertisements website- deoghar.indads.in/item/524982
— • Extra activity - 1.. International Conference on Public Health: Issues, challenges, opportunities, prevention,Awareness (Public Health: 2016) Organized by Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India and Krishi Sanskriti, New Delhi, India
On 15th and 16th January, 2016 Venue: Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi,New Delhi, India and about 30 health sciences articles have accept , (2)2nd International Conference,on Public Health: Issues, challenges, opportunities, prevention, awareness ,(Public Health: 2016) ,Organized by ,KrishiSanskriti ,On 21st and 22nd May, 2016 ,Venue:Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 3. (3) -INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PHARMACEUTICAL, MEDICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SCIENCES (ICPharME-2017) ,December 16th, 2017, Cochin ( 4) Omics groups conference from year 2015 to 2017 about 70 articles accept for conferences by country –USA,UK,GERMANY,SPAIN e.t.c ,WEB-www.omicsonline.org/

• Important note- -- Also some economic, political sciences research have accept for conferences journal with many working paper read it on Web research article web-URL -----https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mantu_Satyam

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