Biblical Principles & Finance (eBook)

Biblical Principles & Finance (eBook)

by Mickey Douglas (1 review, add another)
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The Bible has so much to offer on the subject of money. How we earn it, how we spend it, how we give it and many more interesting insights. If only our vision as a Church would have been less myopic, we could have had a better and deeper understanding of this subject. Our churches have been immensely blessed and the congregations have been taught about God’s command regarding tithing. But God’s concern for our finances goes much deeper than whether we are tithing or not. There are many other key principles that have been outlined in the Scriptures that relate to our finances and which need to be obeyed if we are to experience God’s fullest blessings in our lives.
This book looks at this aspect.

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Mickey Douglas hails from the north-eastern state of Assam in the Indian sub-continent. A Soft Skills trainer by profession, he is passionate about writing, especially about subjects close to his heart. He is married with two siblings.

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Mickey Douglas
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