Pyar ek Ehsaas

by Mili Airen (5 reviews, add another)
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Genre: Poetry
Language: Hindi
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Description of "DIL KI AWAAZ – SUNO, SAMJHO AUR JANO (eBook)"

This book expresses the feeling of people who have been in true love

About the author(s)

The Author of this book has very well defined the meaning of relations in various forms. She has put all her feeling in words to express what it feels when someone breaks your heart, when you are in love, when you feel love for your family and friends.
According to the person she loves the most, she is aggressive but tells sorry after shouting, she is cute, she express her feeling through poems very well, thinks a lot about other and what can make her smile is when she is called by a name “BABU” by someone special. She is too cute and she cannot hurt anyone. She thinks a lot about other. What make her special is presence of her family and someone really special. She is not a poet. She tries to write what she feel when she is stressed, depressed, happy and sad.

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Re: DIL KI AWAAZ – SUNO, SAMJHO AUR JANO (e-book) by nishant.kumar
3 August 2013 - 10:48am

Behatrren... khub accha likha hai aap ne. Isse accha kuch ho nahi sakta. True love ke feeling ko dil ki awaaz se nikalkar khub badhiya book develop ki hai apne. Shabdon ka sahi usage...

Re: DIL KI AWAAZ – SUNO, SAMJHO AUR JANO (e-book) by namrata.p.gupta
29 July 2013 - 6:17pm

Just one word... Awesome... U ve opened the floodgates of some innate memories Mili.. M numb.. It’s a masterpiece.. It’s a perfect blend of subtlety n elegance. The delicate thoughts and then stringing them together so beautifully. Kudos!! You write really excellent poems. Writing such a poem with awesome flow and a great ending really needs a lot of talent and you have that in abundance. Keep writing and sharing your literary master pieces. -

Keep it up and keep publishing

Re: DIL KI AWAAZ – SUNO, SAMJHO AUR JANO (e-book) by er.vibhoragarwal
28 July 2013 - 1:00pm

JAAN SE BHI PYARI JANE-E-JIGAR HO TUM.... is very well written and heart touching poem, all poems has been written by only true lover who was ditch in love...!!!!

keep it up dear...!!

Re: DIL KI AWAAZ – SUNO, SAMJHO AUR JANO (e-book) by kanchan09
27 July 2013 - 1:16pm

Very True...Really Awesome poems..only the one who has a true heart true soul true feeling n emotions can write like this n no one else...salute to the writer...may she get al the happiness n love which she truely deserve..AMIN...god bless you..and all d best for further writings...

Re: DIL KI AWAAZ – SUNO, SAMJHO AUR JANO (e-book) by airen.bhimsen
27 July 2013 - 12:00pm

Awesome poems. The writer has really well defined the meaning of true love and pain one can feel when your love leave you. Expressed feeling of love for mom in every layman language. No hard words used to understand the feeling....

Good work... Keep it up

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