The Untold Hearts (eBook)

The Untold Hearts (eBook)

by Mohammad Ravoof (write a review)
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Genre: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Language: English
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Description of "The Untold Hearts (eBook)"

A suffering cancer girl Siya loves Aadhi. Their love is untold. An incident makes Siya leave Aadhi. He finds and marries Siya. The destiny again makes Siya sacrifice Aadhi forever. She intolerance's and injects high dosage of cancer pills to pass days sooner. Later, Yazini publishes a book on Siya's biography and makes Zoya Ali khan get reads and inspires. Zoya researches on Siya's life and publishes The Untold Hearts book and makes everyone astounding because every heart has a story

About the author(s)

Ravoof is the author of Mayuka released in 2017. It remained the best debut irrespective of the sales report. Ravoof writes columns for blogs and many social networking pages. He is famous for love blogs. He again came up with the book called The Untold Hearts and it is all about the love. He lives in Hyderabad.

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Mohammad Ravoof
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