The Mysterious World of Fundamental Particles (eBook)

The Mysterious World of Fundamental Particles (eBook)

Cosmic Beginnings

by Mohit Joshi (write a review)
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Description of "The Mysterious World of Fundamental Particles (eBook)"

This book covers the following topics:

Discovery of Fundamental Particles | Classification of Fundamental Particles | Quarks | Leptons | Antiparticles | Bosons | Centre-of-mass Energy | Virtual Photons | Interactions | Hadrons | Baryons and Mesons | Baryon Octet, Baryon Decuplet, Meson Nonet | Strangeness | Isospin | Baryon Octet with spin 1/2 | Baryon Decuplet with spin 3/2 | Pseudoscalar meson, Scalar meson, Vector meson | Meson Nonet with spin 0 | Meson Nonet with spin 1 | Discovery of Strange Quark | Examples of The Decays | Cosmic Rays and Muons | Cross-Section and Resonance | Accelerators and Colliders | Discovery of Vector Mesons | Quarkonium | D Mesons and B Mesons | Omega Baryons | Production and Separation of Secondary Beams | More Examples of Interactions | The Top Quark | V Particles | Neutrino Oscillation | Higgs Boson | Neutral K meson | Mean Life Time | Big Bang Theory

About the author(s)

Mohit Joshi, The Author Of This Book Is Graduate In 'Electronics & Communication Engineering' & Is GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering) Qualified. He Is Particularly Interested In Cosmology & High Energy Physics. Albert Einstein & Richard Feynman Are His Favourite Nobel Laureates. MohitJoshi.com Is The Personal Website Of The Author.

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Mohit Joshi
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