Computer Science (eBook)

Computer Science (eBook)

MATLAB Technical Computing Language Practical Approach and Implementation

by Mohmmed Asharaff Shemsudeen (write a review)
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Imaging has become an essential component in many fields of medical and laboratory research and clinical practice. Biologists study cells and generate 3D confocal microscopy datasets, virologists generate 3D reconstructions of viruses from micrographs, radiologists identify and quantify tumors from MRI and CT scans, and neuroscientists detect regional metabolic brain activity from PET and functional MRI scans. Analysis of these diverse image types requires sophisticated computerized quantification and visualization tools. Until recently, three-dimensional visualization of images and quantitative analysis could only be performed using expensive UNIX workstations and customized software. Now a day’s medical imaging is too expensive and very much sophisticated because of proprietary software and expert personalities.
This book introduces an inexpensive, user friendly general-purpose image processing tool and visualization program specifically designed to detect much of the brain disorders as early as possible. The application named DBT (Diagnostic Brain Tomography) enables clinical and quantitative analysis of medical images. Minute structural difference of brain gradually results in major disorders such as schizophrenia, Epilepsy, inherited speech and language disorder, Alzheimer's dementia etc. Here the main focusing is given to diagnose the disease related to the brain and its psychic nature (Alzheimer’s disease).This software is developed by using a standard image processing tool MATLAB. This software is too user friendly that even a non professional can operate it. And it will reduce the much of the complexities of medical imaging.

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Currently working as Lecturer and Research scholar of Computer Science.

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