The 11 Forgotten Laws (eBook)

The 11 Forgotten Laws (eBook)

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by Monica Selph (write a review)
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Description of "The 11 Forgotten Laws (eBook)"

Change is vital to having a successful life because change is about keeping an open mind and realizing that the universe moves forward with each day and that we as human beings must follow suit. As we are connected to all energy, we need to understand the importance of moving forward in life.

Have you heard the term, “forward thinker”? A forward thinker is a person who is not limited by any boundaries and can think beyond constraints. This person looks towards a bright future and thinks of things that have not been thought of ever before. You do not need to be a forward thinker to necessarily understand the forgotten laws, but you should strive to be a forward thinker to benefit to the fullest extent from the universal laws. When you think with no constraints, you allow your full potential to shine, with no inhibitions.

In this ebook, you will be able to learn about the power of your mind, the eleven forgotten laws of the universe, and the way to use these revelations so that your life improves over 100 percent. Do not hesitate a second longer, start exploring yourself and the world you live in to reach your full potential and to starting living the life you have always desired.

About the author(s)

Monica Selph lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where she was born and raised. She is a very successful life coach, helping people find direction in their lives and self-improvement. In addition coaching and writing she also will give lectures about how to apply the Law of
Attraction to get what you want.

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