Quantitative Technique Part-I (eBook)

Quantitative Technique Part-I (eBook)

Functions, Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression and Matrix

by Narender Sharma (write a review)
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Description of "Quantitative Technique Part-I (eBook)"

The book is the collection of notes of Quantitative Techniques. The topics covered in this part are, Functions , Domain and Range of function, Types of functions; Implicit and explicit function, Single valued and multi- valued function, Increasing and decreasing function, Even and Odd function, Polynomial function, Rational function, Composite function, Exponential function, Logarithmic function, Constant function, Identity function, Absolute value function, Signum Function, Greatest Integer function, Reciprocal function etc. Functions in economics; Demand function , Supply function, Total cost function, Production function, Revenue function, Profit function, consumption function. Arithmetic Progression (A.P.) and Geometric Progression Series, Matrix , Types of Matrix, Matrix operation ; Addition , Subtraction, Multiplication, Scalar Multiplication, Transpose of Matrix, Symmetric Matrix, Skew Symmetric matrix, Orthogonal Matrix. Determinants; Order of Determinants, Minors and Cofactors, Properties of Determinants, Adjoints of Square Matrix, Inverse of Matrix, Solution of simultaneous linear equation, Cramer's Rule and Matrix Method with their working rule, Economics application of Matrix.

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