Seven QC Tools Training (Revised) (eBook)

Seven QC Tools Training (Revised) (eBook)

Complete coursework with excel images and commands

by Sharma Narender (write a review)
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Description of "Seven QC Tools Training (Revised) (eBook)"

Process Flow Chart: Introduction, application and uses of process flow diagram, value added and non-value added activities in a process, construction of process flow diagram, illustrative examples, measuring cycle time, process efficiency.
Check Sheet: Introduction, application and uses of check sheet, construction of check sheet, illustrative examples.
Histogram: Introduction, shapes of histogram, application and uses of histogram, construction of histogram for ungrouped data, and grouped data, illustrative examples, construction of histogram in excel with illustrative pictures and excel commands.
Pareto Chart: Introduction of Pareto chart, ABC analysis, 80-20 rule, application and uses of Pareto chart. Construction of Pareto chart with illustrative examples. Construction of Pareto chart in excel with illustrative pictures and excel commands.
Cause and Effect diagram: Introduction, application and uses of C&E diagram. Construction of Cause and Effect diagram. Brainstorming. Illustrative example.
Scatter diagram: Introduction, application and uses of Scatter chart. Interpretation of different pattern of Scatter diagram. Coefficient of correlation (r) and method of calculation. Interpretation of value of (r). Construction of scatter diagram with illustrative example. Construction of scatter diagram in excel with illustrative pictures and excel commands.
Control Charts: Introduction and types of control charts; Mean chart, Range chart. Accuracy and Precision. Application and uses of control charts. Construction of control chart; mean chart and range chart, calculation of upper control limit (UCL) and lower control limit (LCL), with illustrative example. Construction of control chart in excel with illustrative example, pictures and excel commands.
Additional: Practice problems, Project work, Self-assessment exercise with MCQ’s, Introduction of Kaizen and 5-S.

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Hi, This is Narender Sharma
Working as freelance trainer having 19yrs cross industry experience, including 13yrs experience as quality professional in a container glass manufacturing industry. This coursework is not only for quality management personnel but it is also for every personnel in the organization to address the issue of process improvement, cost of poor quality, service delivery etc.
For in-house and open house training please Call or WhatsApp +91-9468263724
E-mail; shakehandwithlife@gmail.com
For more details please visit to my website; www.shakehandwithlife.in

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