Insight-Only way to self-inquiry (eBook)

Insight-Only way to self-inquiry (eBook)


by P.V.S.Suryanarayana Raju (write a review)
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Just be a watcher, a witness. Witness is highest growth of consciousness. If there is no witnessing and we indulge
in events we are in dark night of soul. Waking mode of mind looks so real and tangible to us and we never doubt
events in waking mode and the entity which sees the events. Doubt is part of dark night, but it is a search for rising
Sun, but once you have reached the rising Sun, dark night goes and with it doubt too. Self-inquiry is doubting the
seer, the "me", the ego, the self. Once you know doubt, ego commits suicide on its own accord. Doubt that is
written in scripture, otherwise you will be confusion.
Truth has to be experienced, not believed. So all belief systems are illusions. Organized religions are organized
belief systems and so they are illusions. If you seek for reward you will miss the fact. You are a collection of
problems and it is a fact. Enlightenment is way of extinction of of problems which have their origin in Self-

Practicing everything without sense of attainment is profound transcendent wisdom which cuts of source of cycle of
birth and death like a sword. The source is identity with sensations which occur to us. Enlightenment is third eye
that looks inwards with awareness which can be recognized only by those who have looked a little inwards.
Trying to attain Self creates anxiety and tension. We pay attention to wrong things in objective reality.
We don't pay attention to movement of own self and its mechanics of functioning which is right atention.
Thoughts belong to nature, so known and they are material in nature and so they are limited. We are using thought
to solve every human problem through thought which is intrinsically limited and so divisive. Naturally thought
cannot solve all human problems. Thought has a lace in solving physical problems. Being a response of memory it
cannot solve a living problem in psyche but we are using thought for this purpose also making the things much
more complicated and the present condition of society is the proof for it. Society is based on sense of separation,
ambition, greed, violence, fear, desire, pleasure, fragmentary outlook of life. So we have to take leap from thought
which is known to unknowable and for that leap meditation is the jumping board and meditation is state of mind in
which there is no-thought. There is cessation thought activity in meditation. Meditation is non-discriminative
awareness without judgment, evaluation but mind is discriminative awarenes with judgment and evaluation because
primarily it is meant for physical and dead things. So at psychological level we require witnessing consciousness
and at physical level we require discrinative awareness in form of thought.
Mind knows only one language-that is of fear, danger, how to survive and make yourself safe against an
antagonistic universe. Upto now mind has been our survival. From now on wards meditation which is beyond mind
be our survival.

About the author(s)

The author,Dr.P.V.S.Suryanarayana Raju is pediatrician from Andhra Pradesh,India,born on 12th December 1950.He is working on the subject of self-inquiry for the past 30 years.His works include Insights in self-inquiry,The Alpha and Omega of self-inquiry,Commentary on who am i,Know Thyself,Inner conflict leads to outer disorder,Self-inquiry is The Art of Unveiling The Self,From despair to bliss-the message of Bhagavad Gita,The essence of Bhagavad Gita,Self-inquiry in Bhagavad Gita.His books in Telugu which include "Nenevadanu? which is a commentary of him on "who am i" in Telugu,Nija Vicharana and his most recent books in Telugu Vichara Chudamani,and Vichara Chandrodayam mainly deal with the practical aspect of self-inquiry and he explains in them why self-inquiry is a direct and easy way for realizing the Self.

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P.V.S.Suryanarayana Raju
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