Life's Status: It's Complicated!!! (eBook)

Life's Status: It's Complicated!!! (eBook)

by Pallavi Garg (write a review)
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Genre: Literature & Fiction
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Description of "Life's Status: It's Complicated!!! (eBook)"

Born and brought up in an Indian family, the protagonist Mauli is a typical Indian youngster, trying to strike a balance between a control freak family and exploring the pleasures and pangs of love. Raised up to be obedient, well behaved and a polite girl all, she is ever tagged as is being disobedient, manner-less and outspoken. Amidst a frustrating web of embarrassing moments, curtailed freedom, dozens of advices, and endless matrimonial proposals, her sole relief is her neighbour Raghav whom she loves crazily. But what Mauli doesn’t know is that Raghav is not destined to be hers. When Raghav doesn’t echo the feelings she has, she drowns in his hangover and distances herself from love until an incredibly handsome guy, Madhav, joins her college as a faculty and rings love bells in her heart. Will Mauli find in Madhav, the love she had been desperately seeking for, or will there be another heart break in store for her?

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