Making Education Active (eBook)

Making Education Active (eBook)

Games and Activities for Higher Education

by Parag Surana (write a review)
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Description of "Making Education Active (eBook)"

How can instructors in colleges and universities make their classes more effective for students? Is it possible to make education more meaningful and natural to learners? How can students have an engaging experience?

Research in educational methods suggests that students learn the best when they do or rather play out what they have to learn. This books reviews this idea and presents a case for games and activities to facilitate education.

Instructors may have tried incorporating games and activities with little success. The book dissects the features of games and activities that make them fun and interesting. It outlines design features to make custom games and activities for higher education. Finally, the book discusses solutions to some practical difficulties an instructor may face while making a shift to active education.

About the author(s)

Parag Surana holds a PhD in molecular biology. He lives in the quiet outskirts of Bengaluru (India) with his wife, family, friends and nature. He works for science popularization and its application in improving education.

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