The Scientific Kitchen (eBook)

The Scientific Kitchen (eBook)

Know the Science in Your Kitchen

by Parag Surana (write a review)
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Description of "The Scientific Kitchen (eBook)"

Have you ever wondered -
What actually happens when food is cooked?
How do various ingredients and flavours come together to magically create the everyday dish?
What is the real importance of cooking to humans?
What is the environmental impact of modern cooking?
How to make your kitchen safe for you and for everyone else?
How taste influences our food choices?
What is the history of Indian cuisine?

This book presents scientific explanations to these question (and many more). Written in a simple everyday language and without the scientific jargon. Learn to critically study the process of cooking.

A non-cookbook practical guide specially designed for Indian kitchens. Discover how to make your kitchen safe and environmentally responsible.

A must-have for all cooks. Appreciate yours and other's cooking at a deeper level. Gain an eye-opening scientific understanding of food. The book details many practical for cooking efficiently. An ideal practical guide for those who are just starting to self-cook.

About the author(s)

Parag Surana holds a PhD in molecular biology. He lives in the quiet outskirts of Bengaluru (India) with his wife, family, friends and nature. He works for science popularization and aims to bring scientific thinking from lab to the daily life.

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