VISUAL EFFECTS - Theory and Practice (eBook)

VISUAL EFFECTS - Theory and Practice (eBook)

by V. Chandrasekaran (write a review)
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Description of "VISUAL EFFECTS - Theory and Practice (eBook)"

This book is intended to empower you with a holistic understanding of Visual Effects. It was vision of PENTAMEDIA to publish a universally recognized, authoritative and popular book on Visual Effects; a book that would standardize best practices in the creation of Visual Effects and the associated processes in the industry. This vision remains in the forefront for the authors today. Human experience today revolves around Visual communication.
Cameras have become a part of our life and are now incorporated into cell phones, computers, tablets, cars, on our streets as well as our homes and offices.
As VFX artists, we always need to keep in mind that our purpose is to give effects and illusions to a story. Visual Effects is a very powerful and effective art. It is also increasingly becoming the most important and flexible art in the moving Live action and Animation industry.
This book will empower Directors, Writers, Audiences, Students, Tutors and Hobbyists to create magical effects in ways that have never been seen before!!! Consider the movies of great Directors like Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Shankar or Mani Ratinam. What would their work been without the creations of the Visual Effects and Technology? Where would Disney and Pixar be without Visual Effects?
This book with 8 Chapters, written in an easy-to-read and jargon free style. Taken as a whole, all the chapters covered will give a perfect knowledge in Visual/Special Effects.
This book also covers the History of Cinema from the 18th century to the latest trends in Hollywood and includes the cinematic cultures of all Indian States where more than 1,000 films in various languages are produced annually in Bollywood, Kollywood etc.,
Everyone who has contributed to this effort are experienced and highly qualified professionals. The contribution of these reputable professionals, all experts in the fields, reflects the effort of this book to cover the increasing sophistication of Visual Effects.
Their contributions have come at the price of valuable lessons taught by the best teacher of all: experience. And each has selflessly given his or her time, knowledge and expertise to the creation of this book. We hope that this book will help you find the knowledge and assistance to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the future.
We cant imagine a better guide to accompany you on your journey through this fascinating medium.

About the author(s)

In my 30 Years of Experience in the field of Information Technology and 24 years experience with Pentamedia and Pentasoft, I always found that there was a gap between Education, Institution, Software and Digital Media Industry. I and the team of Pentamedian's have learnt from experiences and with Research and Development have made many bench marks in Software and Digital Media Field.

Though we have been conducting training programme in Class Room as well as online, I thought that a book with theory and practical application will enable fresher's and professionals to improve their skills and make them more productive and employable.

I will be constantly upgrading these and other evolving technologies through Paper Back and E-Books. A seperate team will constantly work on these.

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