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Description of "THE ATLANTEAN KING'S QUEST (eBook)"

One would think that if a king, Cadiz an Atlantean king of the city in Iberia in this case, falls in love there wouldn't be too much of a problem with nuptials. But King Erechtheus of ancient Athens isn't just any father...and Cadiz has fallen in love with Otonia, a princess of Athens. To become a suitor of Otonia he is put to a life or death test, a quest. Cadiz must journey to Asia and spy on the ultra-paranoid and the super warlike Assyrians. The Assyrians have been attacking everyone in a thousand mile radius and they're ready to turn their attention to the Mediterranean Sea, And, it's been rumored the Assyrians have new and innovative weapons; the war chariot and the composite bow. Even with Hercules by his side Cadiz's plan goes awry. The story is based, for the most part, on ancient legends, primarily Greek and real history. At the end of the novel I have short tidbits of information you may not be familiar with: such as: TOBACCO and COCAINE were used by the ancient Egyptians for their mummification process.

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Started writing poetry as a teenager - oh the angst, the angst! Got involved in working with newspapers in high school and into the many colleges I attended. Wore many hats as any working on school newspapers but being a contributor was the most enjoyable. My major was history with creative writing as a minor. But what is one to do when one does not feel ready to teach or write? Go into psych nursing of course. I also was a book dealer in the countries largest co-op called Tall Stories in San Francisco. That's no longer a brick & mortar and I sold books on ebay, ABEbooks.com, Alibris and Biblio.com. Being around the book world is a wonderful experience.

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Peter Butterworth
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