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Description of "36 SHORT STORIES (eBook)"

The book “36 short stories” is written considering the moral lessons that we all have been following since childhood to make our life and living better following the ethical values of the society and the needs and demands of the changing trends with each passing generation.
The stories are written in the most simplest form considering the readers of different age groups and is also beneficial for making different life-changing decisions. Children, school students, teenagers and the working group of people are going to benefit from it by developing certain kind of habits and positive attitudes towards life as the stories are centred around spreading awareness and positive message to the society. The book has a collection of 36 interesting inspirational and motivational short stories with sweet and sour lessons sprinkling vibrant colours.

About the author(s)

Pompi Mazumdar originally hails from the Cachar District, Assam, India and was born in a Bengali family. Grew up in a small town named Silchar, She later on moved to Bangalore in the year 2006 after completing her post-graduation (Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management & Marketing Management) and worked for many Multi-National companies as Human Resource Specialist. She is an HR by profession and a writer by choice. She has a great love for Art, Culture & Poetry. She is also a blogger and a Poet and wrote more than 100 poems in English & Hindi. She is also closely involved with JobsForHer.Com as an Ambassador and helping women across the globe to build up their self-respect, self-confidence and fight for women rights overcoming the obstacles & challenges of the male-dominated society. She wants to eradicate social harassment, inhumanity, inequality and gender discrimination through her writings and want to work for the upliftment of the society.
She is very ambitious by nature and has a great passion for writing. She likes reading, writing, blogging, networking, travelling, adventurous sports, photography, interior designing, exploring new places, ideas and cultures. She is a great food lover and has a strong belief in healthy food habits and healthy lifestyles.
She also has a passion for music and believes that music can do a miracle in any situation and can lift the spirits and soothes our soul, body and mind. She likes to overcome challenges with her own efforts and help others to overcome their challenges and obstacles.
She is self-motivated and self-committed and likes to create her own timeline & tries to complete her task with dedication within the set time frame. Love to explore the writings of different authors and likes to experiment with her own writings on different subjects, topics & styles. She currently lives in Hyderabad and her published work includes "Gain SUCCESS in Life & Career with these simple 112 PRINCIPLES", " Tale of Five Families", " Discovering & Untying Multiple Shades", and " Collection of Moral Stories". She is currently working on a book of poetry which is based on the theme of reality & which covers feelings, emotions, romance, love for nature, responsibility for society, self-independence, self-consciousness, awareness, and well-being of the country and this is surely going to be an experiment work with her script, language and the readers. She wrote more than 60 blogs and her blogs are available at www.pompimazumdar.wordpress.com/blog/

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