The Simplified Indian GST Law (eBook)

The Simplified Indian GST Law (eBook)

A Concise Handbook on GST for easy understanding and quick reference

by Prakhar Jain (write a review)
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Description of "The Simplified Indian GST Law (eBook)"

This book covers the pillars of the Indian GST Law – The Central GST (CGST) Act, the CGST Rules, the Integrated GST (IGST) Act, the Union Territory GST (UTGST) Act, and the GST Compensation Act. A Concise presentation of the law, the book combines the Act & Rules seamlessly, giving the readers a comprehensive understanding. Great efforts have been made to minimize the length of the book, and maximize ease of learning, by eliminating unnecessary redundancy.

The salient features can be described as under –

  1. Complete Coverage – Covers each and every provision of CGST Act, CGST Rules & IGST Act.
  2. Sequential Arrangement – Topics are arranged in the same manner as they have been arranged in the Bare Act, for ease of cross-reference.
  3. Short Length – Size of book has been kept minimum, without losing the originality of the language of the Bare Act & Rules.
  4. Logical Understanding – The GST Law itself is quite simple, and the book makes it all the more intuitive and easy to understand, and helps to internalise the framework of the law.

This book is ideal for students looking for a study guide on GST, professionals looking for a quick and reliable reference material, and anyone else wanting to learn about the Indian GST Law.

About the author(s)

I am an Avid Reader, keen writer, public speaker, Jain, Objectivist, logical-independent thinker, and politics-economics enthusiast, currently undergoing the Chartered Accountancy Course, and providing GST Consultancy to people.
GST is my particular passion, and I have studied the GST law in great detail. I have Founded ‘GSTiNATION.com’, and you can find lecture presentations on each and every chapter covered in this book on the YouTube channel GSTINATION.

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