Love makes the world go round (eBook)

Love makes the world go round (eBook)

Inspired by true stories

by Priyanka Tungana (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: Romance
Language: English
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Description of "Love makes the world go round (eBook)"

We fail to realize that in this journey of appeasing your heart and controlling your conscience, we rope in a lot of lives along with us. This world is filled with a lot of people and every person has their own disparate story. Imagine how God etched out each one of our lives so craftily! Imagine how much time it must have taken to connect a few hearts, a few lives and few destinies. The world is getting smaller by day and this novel is about a connected group of people whose love stories are inter-dependent. The story unravels itself when each one tries to extricate themselves from this circuit and look for a perfect life with a perfect love-story. No matter even if you’re associated with someone remotely, he/she might affect the course of your stars someday, someway and you might never even come to know of it. Your decisions, your selections, your judgments might influence a hundred lives. A ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ sounds very casual but, acutely, it involves and transforms a hundred lives without your knowledge. This is the power of relationships and liaisons and the voice of your heart.
Inspired by true lives and real events, this story traverses different forms of the most complicated emotion called love through various characters and the way it affects their existence.

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