80 Classic Poems Summarized & Analyzed (eBook)

80 Classic Poems Summarized & Analyzed (eBook)

by Raja Sharma (write a review)
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Description of "80 Classic Poems Summarized & Analyzed (eBook)"

Poetry, undoubtedly, happens to be the most beautiful form of the expressions of human emotion, sentiments, images, and the subtle ideas, however, it happens to be the most difficult form of written literature, especially for the students of English literature, for they don’t happen to be prepared for the references, connotations, and the allusions which come across in the lines written by poets belonging to different eras.

Once you have developed the tact, you will find poetry all round you. Generally, people think that rhyming and metrical lines, metaphors and similes, etc. are the essential elements of poetry and a layman thinks that it is a kind of lyric which is often sung or recited, but anything which gives us a sense of beauty is poetry. A painting can be very poetic; a paragraph can be very poetic, even an essay can be poetic if you draw something that is close to aesthetic from them.

In this book I have included the summary and analyses of some of the best poems written by various famous poets in different eras. Having gone through this book, I believe, that your understanding of poetry will definitely be enhanced.

It needs patience, but once you have developed tact and taste for poetry you will see that everything around you becomes poetic.

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