Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places (eBook)

Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places (eBook)

Glimpses of small wonders through poetry and prints

by Rampyari Walia (7 reviews, add another)
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Genre: Poetry
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Description of "Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places (eBook)"

"Unforgettable Memories – Memorable Places" provides glimpses of small wonders whose tranquility and mesmerizing beauty often cannot be captured in words or pictures. The book also describes some spectacular natural phenomenon with explanations for their occurrence. It was the author´s appreciation for Nature and travel that led her to write this book. In a busy world where people do not have time to ¨stand and stare,¨ the author, Dr Rampyari Walia, hopes that readers will at least stop and think of Creation, Creativity and the Creator as they read the poems and browse through the pictures.

The author´s profession as a scientist has been deeply influenced by Nature, which according to her both inspires and induces curiosity and creativity, essential elements for the process of discovery. The Nature poems are interspersed with narrative poems - ¨real stories¨ from the author’s garden - and quatrains revealing the author´s take on varied aspects of life, from love to death.

About the author(s)

The author Dr Rampyari Walia, a scientist by profession, was born in Raichur, India. The author is the CEO of a Biotech company,
Targeting Systems, and writes as a hobby. She enjoys Nature and loves to travel. “Unforgettable Memories – Memorable Places” is her first book. She has also written a second book entitled “Exciting Journeys – Unpredictable Destinations”, a book of memoirs which portray the deep impact of Nature on her development as a scientist. It is currently under publication. The author lives in San Diego, California with her husband.

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Reviews of "Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places (eBook)"
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Re: Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places by coffee time gal
15 September 2010 - 6:46am

One does not generally associate the disciplines of science with the art of writing poetry, but Rampyari has skillfully blended her scientific knowledge with her creative writing, and with the added benefit of beautiful color photos to illustrate the poems, "Unforgettable Memories" is definitely worth reading. Congratulations, Rampyari, on a job well done.

Diane Stephenson

Re: Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places by jay
15 September 2010 - 3:43am

Quite beautiful, full of the emotion, introspection

I have known Dr Walia professionally for many years. This book reveals a new side of her. This book of beautiful poems is delightful in two ways - the scenic vistas and tiny living creatures are beautiful in their own right and they focus one on the poems in a way words alone cannot do.

A few of the scenes are somewhat familiar to most of us in America, but the poems allow us to see them in a new light. Natural phenomena like Parhelion, Rainbow fires, and electrical storms are not only visual treats, but exciting to learn about, as is the fragrance of ¨Petrichor

I was struck by the usefulness of Pg. 94 – the Art of Living, "A to Z" (and most gender neutral) poems. Everyone should have that posted on their refrigerator for the whole family to see - (where it is impossible to avoid seeing and remembering)

The book could be educational and appealing to children as well. Children learn better through pictures and rhyming poetry than through mundane prose. Who knows? -
Maybe this book could encourage a lifetime of reading deeply, encouraging skill and emotional depth together.

Jay Gilchrist
Life Science consultant

Re: Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places by thomas_josephindia
14 September 2010 - 5:22pm

I have gone through your preview of the above e-book and I found your poems are simple and well written.............. as fresh as Nature.The color photos have definitely added to the value of the e-book and are refreshing, attractive and clear.It is surpriisng that although being a scientist, she has blended poetry into her research......... that surely calls for a complement!
Although, I am wishing you great sales at the counters, please do let me know how this e-book business gets going amongst its readers.Are you based in San Diego (California)?
With kind regards to you and your family.

Manohar Bhatia.

Re: Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places by Arvind Chauhan
14 September 2010 - 4:34pm

I know the author from the writing networks at Ryze, where she has posted many of her poems.

Well I am amazed and genuinely happy with the book and as it is before me, my mind goes to 'Prakriti' (Mother Nature) and all the lovely poems and amazing scenes and pictures which are illustrated here.

For me, 'science never flowed in poems', but the author has made that possible too. It's a wonderful amalgam of Science, Arts and Creativity. The drawings, paintings and photographs have added a beautiful dimension to the poems, making them particularly attractive for children and encouraging them to learn about Nature.

This book has the making of a unique possession for anyone. I loved it.

Arvind Chauhan,
Scientist, Programmer & Writer

Re: Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places by rosefirewalker
13 September 2010 - 7:45pm

Your book “Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places” is a tribute to your multi-talented mind, being able to combine your love of Nature’s beauty in poetry while making your reader aware of the scientific processes taking place all around them. I think it's very clever of you to write poetry about scientific facts, and make them seem at once mysterious and interesting.

I feel a kinship with your writing, you being a person of both creativity and intelligence, and I truly admire your work with stem cells and other new medical processes.

You are blessed not once, not twice, but thrice with your kindness, knowledge and acumen.

May your sales soar on the solar winds,
Diane Tegarden
Author of “Getting Out Of Limbo– A Self Help Divorce Book For Women”, “Light Through Shuttered Window- A Compendium of my Poetry” and “Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time” a full length science fiction novel.

Re: Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places by Malavika
10 September 2010 - 1:53pm

A true reflection of the poet’s love of life, of nature and the spiritual values she holds so dear. The reader is compelled to feel the presence of the Creator in the beauty of creation. Together with the spectacular photographs and delicate sketches, the collection presents a real panorama of the beauty, colours and wonders of nature. The reader is also acquainted with rare and amazing natural phenomena.....most informative and a learning experience! With an easy flowing style and a childlike wonder in the beauty of nature, Rampyari Walia takes the reader on a journey of discovery and a sightseeing tour of our wonderful planet…..from the Himalayas to Swiss Landscapes, from the source of the Holy Ganges to the Glaciers of Alaska, the Valley of Flowers and The Grand Canyon. Through her words and spectacular pictures, she shows us sights that many of us may never see. Unforgettable Memories – Memorable Places is for keeps.

Malavika Srivastava


Re: Unforgettable Memories - Memorable Places by Maya Mahant
10 September 2010 - 11:10am

Amazing, astounding..... A treasure house of photo and poetry to savour. For all who love nature and its wondrous beauty, Rampyari has distilled it in this book.

Her poems echo the resonance of her heart as it interacts with 'Prakriti', and the accompanying photographs provide the highlights... just like the 'rainbow clouds' she writes about.


Maya Mahant

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