Inglorious Kweezerds (eBook)

Inglorious Kweezerds (eBook)

Quizzards of the World Unite

by Ratnakar Sadasyula (1 review, add another)
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Description of "Inglorious Kweezerds (eBook)"

"Vyaayam Rakshamah is the motto of which Indian organization founded in 1978?"
"Which lake in Mt.Abu gets it's name from the legend that it was dug by nails of gods"
From Hollywood to Bollywood, from India to Germany, from the Indian Army to Hill stations in India, from Science to Arts, whatever question strikes your mind, you find the answers here.
This book is a compilation of all my online quizzes over last 10 years.

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An IT professional who writes code for a living, Ratnakar Sadasyula is based in Hyderabad, and is a regular blogger, with a love for history, collecting trivia, music and movies.

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Re: Inglorious Kweezerds (e-book) by padmasriniha
16 June 2015 - 7:47am

One Read and this Book straight away transported me back to my school days and the huge preparations that went into preparing for a Quiz competition.

Read along a few quizzes and I realised the depth of my own illiteracy. This collection spans a wide spectrum and gives us the choice to pick up any one subject that goes with our mood for the day. Needless to day, it sparks off a quest to 'Know More' about a typical subject.

I would urge all parents to get a hand on this compilation, read and pass on to their kids. Like Blood, Knowledge needs to be circulated and this is but one tool to ensure that !

Meanwhile, am visualising the smile on my face when I take on my child with these questions....hopefully I win this round !!!

Thanks Ratnakar garu. Its an accomplishment and my blessings to you for achieving more on this journey.

Srinivas Marella

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