Intzaar (eBook)

Intzaar (eBook)

by Ritu Bedi (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: Mystery & Crime, Romance
Language: Hindi
Price: Rs.55.00
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Description of "Intzaar (eBook)"

"Wait...." Have you ever waited for someone?
Somebody's your...
Many times, waiting for a few moments makes the mood very restless. And if the wait is not for few moments, not even for few months but of Years, then it will not be waiting rather becomes punishment.
One such punishment is suffering - 'Dev'. He has been waiting for her love, her life Radhika for last 9 years, who left him without saying anything, without informing him.
Radhika also considered herself incomplete without Dev. Sometimes our present brings us to such a crossroad where we cannot understand which path is right and which one is wrong. We have to compromise with the time and circumstances.
Dev and Radhika got separated in life as Radhika forced to choose separate path compromising time and circumstance.
Radhika was trying to live again but something happened in her life....
She began to feel herself at the position from where she started her new journey....

It's a beautiful love story which includes love, emotions, sacrifice and mystery...

About the author(s)

Ritu Bedi -- A house wife....

Perfect example of utilizing time and wonderful imagination in creating one of her first milestone in the field of writing.

This is a beginning, with support of wonderful readers, many more in line to come up in near future...

Please do give your opinion about her first creation enabling her to improve in future.

Your opinions are welcome on:
Mail ID: helloritu@gmail.com
Instagram: myfamily_ritu

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