The  Seven Goals  of Life (eBook)

The Seven Goals of Life (eBook)

by Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol (write a review)
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Genre: Job & Career, Self-Improvement
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Description of "The Seven Goals of Life (eBook)"

They say “HARD WORK EQUALS SUCCESS.” That if you are hardworking, you will be successful.
I don’t believe!

I know of one egg vendor who truly was an exceptionally hard-working person. After ten years, he’s still an egg vendor.

The equation should be: “HARD WORK PLUS GOAL equals SUCCESS.”

If you don’t have goals in life, you move about like a butterfly.

Butterflies fly so erratically you wonder where do they really want to go. They flutter up and down, left and right, to and fro—only to alight sometimes just near or even at the exact spot where they have taken off. I figured why didn’t they just fly straight to where they wanted to go?

If you are that person who is yet so young, don’t waste the very limited time God has given us. Know where you’re going. Have goals!

And there are ‘SEVEN GOALS OF LIFE!’

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Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
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