Absolute Motion (eBook)

Absolute Motion (eBook)

[On The Stupidity Of ModernScience]

by Rupesh Sharma (write a review)
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Modern science on the subject says that there is a power in the universe, this power lies within the matter that exists in its domain which is a physical or natural object. Now, it is this power that enables every physical to resist any change in its present state of existence (or state of motion to be precise) .They say that this power is “Inertia”, a sort of inertness and source of this power is within every physical existence but it appears that the source of this power of a physical existence is somewhere else in the universe.
But power of “The Matrix” is concentrated within a single object and the object is “Observer“ that is you, so
……………….. Whatever you observe in this nature, you observe it, because and only because you are allowed to observe it……………………………………….
[As if human senses like vision or touch, etc (Gifts of God to humankind?) are nothing but Absolute Limits]
The Matrix is so powerful in this universe that without even applying any real trick, within an interval of 90 Billion Light Years (expense of the Observable Universe) to 10-32 cm (Planck Length, far smaller than an atom) in space and in the interval of 13.7 Billion years ( Age of the Universe) to 10-44 seconds (or Planck Time ) in time, it creates
Particles within the particle
Structures within the structure
Chaos within the chaos
& even,
Worlds within the worlds.

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