Political Scenario of Israel - Post Intifada (eBook)

Political Scenario of Israel - Post Intifada (eBook)

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Description of "Political Scenario of Israel - Post Intifada (eBook)"

The book ... Political Scenario of Israel --- Post Intifada speaks about political dynamics of Israel and status of Palestinian statehood - post Intifada ( 1987 ) and post cold war. Here it is discussed ( 1 ) Camp David agreement 1979,( 2 ) Marxist view - PLO character, ( 3 ) UN role on Palestine question, ( 4 ) Step by Step diplomacy of Henry Kissinger 1975 - 1979, ( 5 ) Impact of Cold war on West Asia and on Palestinian Statehood and oblivion of Soviet Russia. ( 6 ) Impact of Oil embargo ( raised by A - Opec ) on USA and other pro Israeli countries. ( 7 ) Political status of Israel post 1991 and Madrid Peace summit. ( 8 ) Impact of Intifada 1987 and its effect to settle Madrid summit and Oslo deal. ( 9 ) Rise of HAMAS in Palestine and its status... and war of attrition.

Author Sakti Prasad Bhattacharyya, Calcutta / Kolkata

About the author(s)

Author's Name is Sakti Prasad Bhattacharyya ( Self ). I am Member of Indian History Congress. I wrote following books published in Hard copy 1 ) Intifada and prospect of Palestine's Independence, published in 1993. 2 ) Emergence of Taliban on the Back ground of International politics published in 1997. 3 ) Many articles, published in Kolkata Magazines 1 ) Time line chronology of West Asia, 75 years 2 ) Time Line chronology of Afghanistan, 170 years, 3 ) Timeline line chronology of Ottoman Empire, 600 Years, 4 ) West Asia ---Post Saddam Hussein and Role of Isis. I write mainly on West Asian political and Islamic affairs.

I am not Business man and my income yearly Around Rs Six lacs so I do not have TIN. I have not registered any GST since my income is mainly Bank Interest. I pay regularly tax and I have Tax return paper. I enclose my book in pdf. Hope it will be uploaded in pothi as e book,

Sakti Prasad Bhattacharyya

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Author : Sakti Prasad Bhattacharyya
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