Love Connection For Indian Men (eBook)

Love Connection For Indian Men (eBook)

Secret to Great Love, Romance & Relationship

by Sanjeev K.C. (write a review)
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Genre: Romance, Sex & Relationships
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Description of "Love Connection For Indian Men (eBook)"

This book is the ONLY resource you need to transform your love and romance life. This not just a book on how to meet women, it is a book about transforming your life.

This book is not just about attracting women, although that’s the main idea, but it’s also on how to improve your life in other areas, like your finances, your health, your emotional health, your fears and how to deal with them, your values and belief system, your life’s goals and finding the ultimate meaning your life. Nothing exists in isolation. All areas of life, health, wealth, emotions and relationships are connected. Anything that makes you a better person makes you an ATTRACTIVE person. Indian men don't have any ROMANTIC role models, I want to create a few through this book.

Most of the resources on 'dating' and 'attraction' talk about “A general theory of Attraction”. Most of them were focused on men who grew up in Western World. One size doesn’t fit all! Indian men have unique challenges, like accent, fashion sense, grooming, limiting beliefs related to women and relationships, social conditioning & cultural programming, poverty mindset, shyness, health etc. Most of the dating advice ignored the cultural and social programming Indian men have gone through. Also they don’t apply to the Indian context. On top of that there is poor image portrayed by media about Indian men. There is no resource which exists right now to teach INDIAN men to become attractive. This is the ONLY thing which motivated me to write this book. This is a SIMPLE and PRACTICAL book which any Indian man can use.

This book is also useful for someone who is bored in his relationship/marriage. You can re-ignite the PASSION. This book is meant for Indian men living anywhere in the world, be it India, USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, and anywhere else in the world. You can apply these techniques on women from different cultures, be it Indian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, European, American, Brazilian or Spanish. I want to give Indian men the 'Freedom of Choice' so that they have skills to MEET, ATTTRACT and CONNECT with women anywhere in the world. You won’t be stuck with the woman at your work, the woman you were set-up with by your friends or the woman you meet through ‘arranged marriage’. I hope to improve the ROMANTIC lives of millions of Indian men.

About the author(s)

I grew up in a small town a few hundred kilometers from New Delhi, India. I was an extremely shy kid, I spent most of my teenage years studying hard to get into the best school in India. I got into one of the IITs. Then I spent the next few adult years studying Physics and Computers. I thought that would be my passport to ATTRACT a beautiful woman in my life. It didn't work. I was a NORMAL IT geek working for some big companies in the Silicon Valley, California. I was extremely frustrated though, I didn't have any SOCIAL skills to ATTRACT women. I didn't know even how to talk to a beautiful woman who would pass by me. It was extremely painful. I thought, there must be some solution. Amidst all this pain, I started going to seminars and reading books on dating, relationships, attraction and self-transformation. I started talking to any woman I could meet, be it in a club, bar, street, mall or cafes. I travelled different countries in Europe, Asia North America and South America. I wanted to know how women and people in general perceive an Indian man.

How can an Indian man ATTRACT a beautiful woman? This book came out of my journey into discovering myself, woman and ATTRACTION skills that work for Indian men. Happy reading! I would love to see you sometime in the field!

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