Game Parents Must Play (eBook)

Game Parents Must Play (eBook)

10 Major Parenting Mistakes

by satish jain (1 review, add another)
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Description of "Game Parents Must Play (eBook)"

How the parents mishandle their children is the essence of this book? This book includes the 10 major mistakes which the parents make during parenting. On the basis of case studies, some conclusions have been drawn which should be beneficial in parenting. Can the stereotype parenting philosophy produce Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni, Saina Nehwal or Sania Mirza? We need to have a win-win situation in parenting process. Money can not be a substitute for emotional attachment. There is a Level Headed Parenting Game in the end of the book which will help the parents improve their parenting skills.

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I am a 61 years old, retired public sector oil industry officer.
I have seen many parents pampering their children, fulfilling there all demands howsoever unreasonable these demands may be, resulting in the development of an arrogant attitude in the children. I have also seen how the parents first say ‘NO’ and then surrender before the children when the children start crying. Perhaps, the parents overlook the psychology that, in the process, the children are getting an idea to achieve the desired things. The way the parents harp on children the need to study, creates irritation in the young minds. On the one hand, rich parents think that by providing the best facilities to the children, on the strength of money power, their responsibility is over. So what if they can’t give time to the children? On the other hand, there are parents who always shelter their child, despite his shortcomings, and blame the system or luck when he does not deliver. I have observed how parents compare their two sons without noticing the ill feeling it will develop in the brothers? How Indian parents are turning their wards into Robot by forcing them to fall in the rat race?
I am trying to list some major mistakes which we, as a parent, make in rearing up our young ones.since the book is written for a noble cause, I have kept its price as zero.
This book is dedicated to the doctors of Singapore General Hospital, Singapore who will conduct surgery upon my Daughter- in law, who is suffering from Brain tumour at a very young age of 26.

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Re: Game Parents Must Play (e-book) by raja4tech
16 October 2013 - 9:14pm


I really liked the book contents and the way the message is told in a very subtle manner with simple & easy to understand stories. As a parent of a 1 year old boy, I learned some things from this book and it coincided with my attitude towards parenting. I think every parent should read this book and they will get something out of this. I also liked the improvisation in the form of a game to be played with scoring points for parents.


Formatting can be improved thereby improving the readability of the Ebook.

- Rajaraman R

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