Jishuchorit (Bengali) (eBook)

Jishuchorit (Bengali) (eBook)

by Satyen Das (write a review)
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Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Language: Bengali
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Description of "Jishuchorit (Bengali) (eBook)"

Jishuchorit is a fascinating re-telling of the story of Jishuji. It tells not merely the story of a god-man who lived at a certain point in history. Instead we are taken on an epic journey through time.

Spanning from before the beginning of creation, through history to his coming to earth as Abtaar and Sadguru—and on to his state as the Cosmic Muktidata, this account of the life and significance of Jishuji is extraordinary in its scope.

For centuries, to many people Jishuji has been strongly attached to particular cultures and civilisations in which he never lived. Jishuchorit extracts him from that narrative, embraces his truly global significance, and offers an interpretation that is rooted in the traditions, culture and soil of Bharat.

Jishuchorit insightfully explores Jishuji as our sure guide towards union with Bhogoban along the pilgrimage of life. It also delves into his breath-taking vision for life in society according to the ways of justice, peace and dhormo.

Interwoven with reflection and dialogue, Jishuchorit is a story of tremendous hope.

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