The Vedic Mantras ( Invoke Miracles) (eBook)

The Vedic Mantras ( Invoke Miracles) (eBook)

by Seshadri Iyengar (2 reviews, add another)
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Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement
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The signs of Mantra, re-entering the subtle body of the person chanting it, are in the different types of Vibrations or Emotions that can move one to tears, lift his spirits up, bring back beautiful memories, make him deliriously happy, or rouse violent emotions, sensations of energy flowing from the head to the base or goose bumps too. The mantra may be chanted out aloud, or repeated silently. There is a lot of hidden shakti here. Explore it!

Begin today. Do not procrastinate. Give it a sincere trial. Be a master of your mind, not its slave. Follow the rules as far as possible if you want quicker results.

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This Book is a collection of Powerful Mantras compiled by a Brahmin Priest. These were proven to show effects if recited carefully as mentioned in the book. Please read the book description for more details.

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Reviews of "The Vedic Mantras ( Invoke Miracles) (eBook)"
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Re: The Vedic Mantras ( Invoke Miracles) (eBook) by svlakshmi
1 February 2019 - 11:24am

thanks sai ram for this precious book.after chating the fear mantra my bad dreams has stopped.pls upload mantras for vaastu problems in house and also for desires ti be fulfilled.

i am writing it 21 times a day is it right way

Re: The Vedic Mantras ( Invoke Miracles) (eBook) by gayathrisridharan17@gmail.com
10 December 2018 - 5:02pm

good book.. contains rare powerful mantras.. it has mantras for specific categories.. its easy for me to pick only mantras which i need benefit from.. started chanting daily.. hope soon my prblems resolves..

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