New 7 QC Tools: Complete coursework (eBook)

New 7 QC Tools: Complete coursework (eBook)

7 Management Development Tools

by Sharma Narender (write a review)
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Description of "New 7 QC Tools: Complete coursework (eBook)"

The coursework provide the complete working knowledge of all New 7 QC Tools with attractive graphics, large enough text, application, and industry based problem given after every tool for better understanding of practical application of every individual tool.
New 7 QC Tools process the subjective information, unlike the fundamental 7 QC Tools which process the statistical information. The tools also known as the 7M (7 Management Development) tools help the management squad in problem solving related with new product development and policy deployment. In fact the tools are very much relevant while construction of "House of Quality" in Quality Function Deployment" projects converting the customer requirements into the technical descriptors of the organization.
To address the increasing level of complexity of the subjective data the new 7qc tools are getting popular in the field of quality management and help the management to solve the problem related with subjective data. These tools are used as analytical tools in various phases of 6Sigma DMAIC projects.
New 7 QC tools are named as;
#1. Affinity Diagram - generate large number of issues
#2. Interrelationship Diagraph-clarifies the interrelationship of many factors of a complex situation
#3. Tree Diagram- reduce any broad objective into increasing level of details
#4. Matrix Diagram- analyze and rate the relationship among two or more variables
#5. Prioritization Matrices- prioritize issues based on weighted criteria using a combination of tree and matrix diagram
#6. Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC)- avoids surprises identifies possible countermeasures
#7. Activity Network Diagram- schedule a project efficiently

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Hi, This is Narender Sharma.
This is my another project completed and ready for all level of quality professionals to help them to make their career more successful in the field of quality management, along with providing their organization a competitive advantage by reducing the cost of poor quality, time to reduce new product development and launching of six sigma projects.
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