Winning with the Boss from Hell (eBook)

Winning with the Boss from Hell (eBook)

A Guide to Life in the Trenches Paperback

by Shaun Belding (write a review)
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Description of "Winning with the Boss from Hell (eBook)"

Most people spend over half their adult lives at work. This can mean spending all that time with a boss who is ignorant, incoherent, embarrassing, harassing, indecisive, dirty, smelly, sexist, vindictive, unappreciative and crude. "Dealing with the Boss from Hell" is a survival guide, with real-life strategies for dealing with the difficult person who is in charge. There are lots of tips on how to read the mind of the boss, how to deal with their tricks, keep a low profile, and even how to 'retrain' them. There is also great advice on how to stand up to them, talk honestly and directly, and if nothing works, how to get out quickly and cleanly. There are case studies of the different types of difficult boss, such as The Boor, Grumpy, The Slave Driver, and The Exploder, and how best to handle them. "Dealing with the Boss from Hell" is the book that will help everyone to cope with the most difficult of situations.

Review by Rolf Dobelli:
An abusive boss can make you miserable. Enter Shaun Belding and his witty little book, which provides practical advice about how to deal with this difficult situation. He weighs the benefits of being confrontational versus those of trying to re-educate your bad boss. If all else fails, he says, a new job is a realistic, positive option. His insightful book looks at the issues of employee relations and general productivity from the employee's perspective. We recommend it to boss-bedeviled workers who want to improve their situations either in or out of the company, and to human resource managers who want to correct problems inside their companies.

About the author(s)

Shaun Belding is the president of Belding Skills Development Corporation, a national performance consulting company, and the founder of RetailTrack Mystery Shopping Inc., a retail mystery-shopping company. He is the author of the Winning with the . . . from Hell series. He lives in Kanata, Ontario.

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