Mr. Majumdar's Mysteries Weekends  (eBook)

Mr. Majumdar's Mysteries Weekends (eBook)

by Shaunak Chakraborty (1 review, add another)
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Description of "Mr. Majumdar's Mysteries Weekends (eBook)"

Sourav Majumdar station master of 'Balipur Railway Station', very honest towards his work. His first weekend starts when a man named Suresh Banerjee came to him and request for a outing, he felt uncomfortable by his dressing style but at last Mr. Majumdar agreed. After returning from that weekend he visit to another weekend, one by one he used to visit. He has a special power you will get to know what's that power by reading this entire book.

About the author(s)

Shaunak Chakraborty was born on 23 December 2000 in the metropolis city Kolkata, India. He had a hobby of writing from his childhood. He had suffered an struggled a lot in the initial years of his birth as his mother was not well so she was hospitalized for three years, her condition was so serious that doctors said that she might have a short life span. There are many other tragedies also which took place at that time as no one was there to to look after Shaunak at that time except his grand mother. His grand mother done ever possible thing for him as much as she could to gave him happiness but we all knew it that mother is only one person in this earth who can give us happiness.

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Re: Mr. Majumdar's Mysteries Weekends (eBook) by shaunakchak
13 February 2018 - 12:08am

This is a very good book, it's very interesting as well as adventurous, yes a little bit horror also. I suggest you all to buy it as its in the lowest price.

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