परमहंसप्रिया (eBook)

परमहंसप्रिया (eBook)


by श्रीमन्मधुसूदनसरस्वती (write a review)
Type: e-book
Genre: Philosophy
Language: Sanskrit
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Description of "परमहंसप्रिया (eBook)"

This is a commentary of first verse of shrImadbhAgavatam by shrI madhusUdana sarasvatI. This goes along the line of advaita vedAnta. But, it also touches shores of bhakti.

About the author(s)

shrI madhusUdana sarasvatI is an eminent writer in field of advaita vedAnta and bhakti.
He has many works on his name, including advaita-siddhi.

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