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Despite the significant progress of the Indian economics in recent years, the spread is not uniform across the nation. While some States have been able to convert the opportunity into economic development, the State like Odisha still groping with economic distress.
Once upon a time the State was prosperous with emperor like Ashoka created the vibrant economy and also State has a niche in many other areas like Art, Literacy, Maritime Strength. In terms of natural resource, the State ahead of many states, High costal belt, Good forest coverage, Sufficient Ground Water, Stable Government and very good Strength of human resource. But still the State economy is very low be it per capita earning or State GDP. The poverty situation has not improved, migration to outside is the primary source for the organized employment.
So, what is the root cause of the issue when the State having enough resources to carry out the economic development agenda. Is this really an economic problem? Or the problem lies somewhere else?
The current era is a moment of gift which offers the possibility of accelerated economic growth and higher living standards in a much faster pace than ever before. The book is to study the broad social, economic factors, analysis and see through solution for a progressive and developed State.

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Sukanta Sahoo is a native of rural Odisha B.Tech. from VSSUT, Burla and management from XLRI, Jamshedpur. In his corporate career of eighteen years has been in various roles with Tata Motors, Accenture, ITC and currently working with Siemens. After Graduation most of duration spent outside state in India and traveled abroad to USA and Europe on work assignments. Understanding details of Socio-economics and factors impacting it has been one of his motivation area and working towards mitigating issue by contributing key insights which can initiate macro level changes required towards economic development and contribute towards path of transformation .

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