Five Elements (E-Book) (eBook)

Five Elements (E-Book) (eBook)

A collection of short stories

by Sumita Sharma Handa (5 reviews, add another)
Type: e-book
Genre: Romance
Language: English
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Description of "Five Elements (E-Book) (eBook)"

Everything we see around, including human beings, is constituted by the five elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space (Void). In this book of short stories, I have tried to show that human behavior actually reflects the basic nature of these elements.

About the author(s)

I am a person who firmly believes that circumstances play the most important role in the lives of people to act in a certain way. A hungry man will be tempted to steal food and the moment his stomach is full, he will regret his actions. This World can become a much better place if we all understand this simple fact and be a little more forgiving and loving. Perceiving World in a positive manner can help our coming generation to deal with any situation. Satisfaction need not come from money, status or power.... it can come from love, respect and family.
The stories in this book have come straight from my heart. To raise my child, I quit my software profession after his birth, after which I realized how beautiful life is and what all I would have missed had I not taken this decision. He is my inspiration..... This book is also dedicated to all working and non working mothers.

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Reviews of "Five Elements (E-Book) (eBook)"
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Re: Five Elements by satty.rathi
3 October 2010 - 11:13am

The Book is too good.... all stories are superb ... just could nt stop myself finishing each story after strting.... must read ... I like the story With Love, Foreever and Her Heart most...

Re: Five Elements by somyacs
28 September 2010 - 11:16am

Good Book, must read. Very Simple but gripping especially story " Her heart".
Must congratulate the Author on her new journey and wish her all the best.

Re: Five Elements by drdivya21
19 September 2010 - 9:37pm


This book makes u feel alive again,human again,filled with emotions and one cannot stop himself/herself getting involved in the characters and feeling the same pain and happiness as the characters in the book.Each Story is complete in itself,perfect..

Neither of the stories can be rated as best among all, as all of them are best and complete in themselves and beyond comparison with the rest.

I congratulate Mrs Sumita for her excellent work.

Divya Agarwal

Re: Five Elements by pallavishetty
8 September 2010 - 9:51am

The title of this book is surely an attractive one. The stories have a freshness in them. "Belief" - the way this story is narrated is interesting & carries a new perspective. It seemed like a journey with the character. Surely a book of a different sort & I am pleasantly surprised. Congratulations to the author & will surely await the next book.

Re: Five Elements by shelly_malik
7 September 2010 - 10:06am


I must say this book is of the highest originality. This is a tightly argued and well-written book which offers detailed discussion with five elements important for human nature and engages the reader. It presents a well-woven, finely-tuned, although at times complex, argument and deserves to be carefully read.
Every story touches the heart while reading and make me feel it really happens in this somwhere beautiful and somehere crule world.

After reading this book I can say that i have not wasted my money and time.

I am eagrly looking and waiting for another book from the same author.

Shelly Malik

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