Kundalini (eBook)

Kundalini (eBook)

Is it metal in the meridians & body?

by T.M Molian (write a review)
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Kundalini- It might even look like a bad or funny word to you. Well, you would have heard about kundalini, kundalini yoga, kundalini raising, serpent power etc. Ancient literature says kundalini is like a coiled serpent which lies at the base of spine. Is it scientifically proved? No. Then why do people talk about this? Why are a lot of people attracted toward kundalini yoga? It is because they have experienced the internal body sensations. Kundalini yoga is a kind of hypnosis. They have tasted the hypnosis and become fascinated with it.
You may feel that author’s ideas in this book are like weird stories that lack even anecdotal support or basic plausibility. In the absence of verifiable or testable proof, we simply debunk those ideas as crack pottery. Eventually this might hinder the advancement of science. Probably there may be some truth in any idea. It is improper to reject anything just because it cannot be understood by our limited knowledge. Let us wait until science uncoils the serpent power and reveals its puzzle.

About the author(s)

Several years back, the author personally practiced the Kundalini yoga on his own body and felt the raise of serpent power. He has observed the internal movement of kundalini in day to day activities. During the practice of kundalini yoga the author developed the Physio-Kundalini Syndrome. Refraining from yoga made him comfortable and freed from Physio-Kundalini Syndrome. This event made him to analyze the hidden dangers of kundalini yoga, hypnosis etc. The author is interested to seek the scientific evidence for the kundalini, hypnosis and consciousness.

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