The Journey: Traveller With In (eBook)

The Journey: Traveller With In (eBook)

by Tarun Deep Singh (write a review)
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Genre: Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality
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Description of "The Journey: Traveller With In (eBook)"

Many have warned against evil delving in human mind keeping him completely engrossed in futile actions. They also have shown the path to dissolve it, to prevent the human values from hitting rock bottom. But still logical mind keeps asking the big question ‘How’? We observe evil’s occurrence, its pattern, people impacted by it, a bit of nature but still not sure why ‘root cause’ always eludes us. Few reasons, issues are associated with hidden fears and incorrect understanding caused by wrong perceptions. People can be expert of outside world but only few countable have truly glanced at inner world. And that’s why we fail to rectify our actions instigated by evil residing in us.

So, in this work I plan to take deeper dive to find out what all an individual experiences in a journey to become a ‘Better Individual’; like an obstruction in efficient comprehension of evil, his struggle and hindrance caused by evil to continue with it, only possible approach of faith for appropriate formulation of underlying solutions to overcome it and that part of himself which is hidden from him. It is easy to give up when an individual finds evil residing in him. No doubt it is hard to resist but the actual reason is ‘Guilt’, the remorse of being hub of vices. And believe me even too much guilt can sow the seeds of evil. Not everyone can absorb the shocks of such experience. And only few lucky ones keep walking and achieve their destiny. I pray and urge that those who have walked the path shower enough grace on us that even we can achieve the state of ‘self-realization’.

This work is not story or a fiction. This reflects whatever I managed gathering to thank my savior so far, WHO became my remembrance by HIS grace. Following HIS advice, I found myself on a journey. Though the best part of it is still undiscovered and untouched but it has left many eternal marks on ‘My Soul’. I may not be the best narrator but the journey has inspired me to pen down few thoughts. I do not come close to be called ‘Rahi’(The person who walks on) but I will love to be like him.

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Tarun Deep Singh is an IT professional. This is his third book.

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