आओ हिंदी सीखें - भाग 1 (eBook)

आओ हिंदी सीखें - भाग 1 (eBook)

Let's Learn Hindi - Part1

by Ujjawala Singh (3 reviews, add another)
Type: e-book
Genre: Children, Education & Language
Language: English, Hindi
Price: Rs.100.00
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Description of "आओ हिंदी सीखें - भाग 1 (eBook)"

This book is for beginners who want to learn Hindi. This book

  • has supportive English instructions and phonics along the flow. Non native speakers will find this book very useful
  • beginners of any age group.
  • covers Pre-School level syllabus for Hindi subject offered in few countries such as Singapore
  • written in a workbook format so that you can practice while you learn
  • Content of this Book (Colored Book of 75 Pages):

  • Hindi Varnamala,( Vowels, Consonants)
  • Pronunciation Key For Vowels, Consonants
  • Counting in Hindi, Shapes, Colors
  • Poems
  • Read and Learn Two Letter Words ,Read and Learn Three and Four Letter Words
  • Word’s with 'aa' Matra,
  • Words with 'i' Matra and 'ee' Matra
  • Words with 'u' Matra and 'oo' Matra
  • Words with 'e' Matra and 'Ai' Matra
  • Words with 'O' Matra and 'Au'
  • Words with ‘Ng’ Matra and 'Ah' Matra
  • Other Matras and Words with Half Letters
  • Lots of Exercises, Worksheets and Assessment Papers
  • About the author(s)

    Author teaches Hindi to native as well as non-native speakers in Singapore. She got extremely positive reviews from the students and their parents for the coverage of materials and the flow of teaching. Students, including non-native speakers, could grasp the subject easily. This gave Author the motivation to present and compile her teaching materials into a Workbook format - so that students all across the world can benefit, given that no such book is available anywhere. Author is keen to take this up further and write a series covering advanced levels of Hindi(spoken/written).

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    ये किताब तो अच्छी है, लिखने वाला काफी मेहनत किया है । कुछ हलकी फुलकी मेहनत और करता तो अच्छा रहता । लेकिन अच्छी है ओवरआल। धनयवाद

    Nice book. Cover lots of hindi - i remeber my childhood when we has several books from our kasha 1 to 5 ..but one is all in one it seems. writer has put in efforts creating this.. highly recommed *****

    Thanks for providing this book in e-book format. I bought it for my 5 year old kid. I was going to order it in India or beg someone to bring it for me. But, I bet this is the best book for Primary levels. It will save lots of hassles for those living abroad and trying to find out hindi books. Nice cartoons inside - my boy likes it. I hope if I could get a hard bound copy somewhere. But , the print and binding done locally made it good enough.

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