December 1971

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This fictional story is set in December 1971 during the hostilities between India and Pakistan and is woven around an imaginary MiG 21 FL squadron based in Ambala, Punjab.
The young pilots of ‘B’ flight 36 Squadron were all from affluent, aristocratic families and public school backgrounds. A commoner slipped in amongst them and was met with collective scorn and derision. This young Pilot Officer from a suburban town in Orissa tolerated this bullying from his flight mates till he couldn’t take it anymore. He withdrew and kept to himself but even this introverted behaviour was deemed intolerable by his detractors. His supposedly accidental death a few hours before the war broke out serves as a turning point of events.
He leaves behind a bottle of Scotch and some cryptic clues for each of his tormentors to warn them of their impending fate in the days to come. 6 clues in 6 envelopes for 6 fates that are to follow.
Though this is a work of fiction, many actual incidents that occurred during the ’71 conflict and in the earlier conflict of ‘65 are also woven within the plot.

About the author(s)

Educated at the prestigious St. Xavier's Collegiate School and later at the St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, Vikramaditya Chaudhury earns a living as a Soft Skills Facilitator, Management Consultant and as a Motivational Speaker. His interests in Aeromodelling, aviation, weapons and warfare began very early in life. He has done a considerable amount of research in the history of aerial combat, particularly those that occurred over the European Theatre during 1939 - 1945. An avid RC scale modeller, he has designed and constructed radio controlled scale Hovercraft models that are currently being used by the Indian Army to train its personnel.

His other interests include Astronomy, Model Railways, Photography, Ship modelling, Vegetarian cooking and Pyrotechnics (the last two are unrelated and are not practiced consecutively).

Vikramaditya was born in Kolkata but now resides in Guwahati, Assam. His professional profile is available at: www.vc-training.in

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Re: SIX TO GEHENNA (e-book) by prometheus
22 January 2016 - 12:41am

I met Vikramaditya only few months back. What struck me as very unusual about him is the way he kept me completely mesmerised the better part of the evening with his plethora of knowledge on everything related to flying and most of it on fighter flying, from World Wars to wars fought in the subcontinent. But bigger surprise did unfold as I started to leaf through the manuscript of his book “Six to Gehenna”.

This book is not only a very gripping piece of fiction but also a very well documented piece of history on air operations of 1965/1971 Indo-Pak wars. As I leafed through the pages of his book, I found myself going back many years to my days in a fighter squadron.

Despite being from a civilian background, Vikramaditya was able to capture the ambience inside a fighter squadron with uncanny accuracy. My part in finalising the manuscript of this book was to do a bit of course corrections to keep the narratives very close to typical Air Force lingo with my experience of more than three decades in Air Force as a fighter pilot.

I have no doubt that the readers will not only find the book absorbing but will also would get a glimpse into the air battles fought in 1965/1971 Indo-Pak wars, both from India as well as the Pakistani side.

Group Captain Deb Gohain (Retd.)

• Ex MiG 21FL pilot.
• Ex Instructor MOFTU (MiG Operational Flying Training Unit).
• Commanded a MiG 21FL squadron at Bagdogra, West
Bengal, in the mid nineties.

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