Creation vs. Evolution The Vedic Perspective (eBook)

Creation vs. Evolution The Vedic Perspective (eBook)

by Vimal Sehgal, B.Tech. IIT Delhi (write a review)
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Description of "Creation vs. Evolution The Vedic Perspective (eBook)"

In this book I have given the Vedic theory of Life which incorporates consciousness as the primary characteristic of life. I have given a scientific analysis of what life is and described the characteristics of both Life and Matter and their points of similarity and distinction. I have discussed evolution and then described an alternate theory namely the Vedic theory of evolution of consciousness as opposed to Darwin’s theory of evolution of species. The theory of evolution of consciousness is based on creation of various species by God so as to accommodate the varied desires of an infinite number of living beings.
The Vedic theory of evolution of consciousness marks the dawning of a new era in which consciousness will come to be incorporated as an essential item in our scientific theories about life and its origin.
Topics covered are:
• What is Life? – Life vs. Matter
• Proof of God’s existence
• Evolution
• Evolution of consciousness
• Moral implications

About the author(s)

The author is a retired systems analyst who previously worked with the Govt. of Canada after graduation in electrical engineering and computer sciences from IIT Delhi and University of Ottawa. He belongs to the Chaitanya Gaudiya spiritual tradition in India.

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