Unspoken (eBook)

Unspoken (eBook)

Poems on Struggles of a Young Adult - Pain, Betrayal, Heartbreaks, and Finding the Meaning of Life

by Vishnu Vardhan (3 reviews, add another)
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Genre: Poetry
Language: English
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Description of "Unspoken (eBook)"

As a young adult, you step into a ruthless world...you fall in love, you have your first heartbreak, you get betrayed, you struggle through intense pain, you lose hope, and yet, amidst the gloom...you find a silver lining - a hope for a better future.

Unspoken is all about the struggle towards finding your own identity in this world of also-rans. It is poignant, beautiful and intensely moving. Be ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions - poems ranging from prostitutes to exams will enthrall you. If you have been in love, you will love reading these poems.

"I meet your eyes with mine, questioningly,
And you look away into the distance.
I plead with my voiceless silence,
For a single drop from your eyes,
As a memoir of all our years of love,
You struggle and wring your eyes awhile,
But, not a single teardrop falls."

About the author(s)

Vishnu Vardhan is a 'self-proclaimed' misfit (so much for following the calling of the heart). He isn’t your average 'MNC guinea'. After working as an Instructional Designer for three years at Akamai, he quit his high-paying corporate job to startup a social enterprise, Indian Superheroes (www.indiansuperheroes.com). Through his organization, he is committed to making the urban poor community self-sustainable through the three fronts (what he calls the Holy Trinity) of health, education and entrepreneurship.

He is the also the co-founder of Rentokart, (www.rentokart.com), an online rental marketplace that aims to drive a shift towards renting out products versus buying them outright. He loves designing (websites et. all), traveling, also teaches at Just Robotics. His energy levels are always high (without external stimulants, or so he says), and his love for kids and animals alike has been documented as an unwarranted outlier in his family that’s terrified of dogs. In short, one crazy prick with a poor sense of humor. The kids will all vouch for it.
Follow his adventures at: www.iamvishnuvardhan.com.

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Reviews of "Unspoken (eBook)"
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Re: Unspoken (e-book) by zishan.mohsin
26 January 2016 - 8:25pm

True lines with emotions comes out when you pass through that stage and these poems have those feelings of life. Really amazing and heart touching.

Re: Unspoken (e-book) by sandeshps1989
26 January 2016 - 8:09pm

Nice collection of poems. Really inspiring and thoughtful. Some of the poems on life, pain and love resonated my journey i went through. It made me feel emotional. Really beautiful.

Re: Unspoken (e-book) by destiny-31
26 January 2016 - 11:38am

Must read book for all. Every poem written by the author will make your heart feel the emotion. Each poem in Unspoken will give you a different vision in every prospect of life.

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