Total Communication: The DNA of Effective Communication (eBook)

Total Communication: The DNA of Effective Communication (eBook)

by Vivek Hattangadi (write a review)
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Description of "Total Communication: The DNA of Effective Communication (eBook)"

IN PRAISE OF THIS BOOK “Total Communication: The DNA of Effective Communication” is a well organized, comprehensive book on communication. Each aspect of communication is elaborately discussed with real-life examples and case studies. The salient feature of this book is the creative format in which the contents have been presented like: ‘Chewing Gum’, ‘What’s On The Menu Today’, ‘Food for Thought’ and Digestive Aid’. The contents are rich and presented in a lucid manner. The book is an essential tutor on communication - both for those who have just started their careers and the experienced professionals who desire to improve and sharpen their communication skills.
Prof. Suniel Deshpande (Chairperson - Centre of Excellence in HealthCare & Associate Professor - Strategy & Marketing, SIES College of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai)

“Total Communication: The DNA of Effective Communication” effectively answers some of the key practical questions for becoming a better and more effective communicator. Vivek Hattangadi has taken a different approach in presenting this book – spread over 10 Sunday Brunches. This book addresses
1. How to become an effective communicator. 2. How to empathize value.
3. How to persuade and help teams to work together.
4. How to maintain the effect with the potential to improve the outcome.
5. How to ensure that the communication serves the purpose for which it has been planned.

I recommend this book to all those who are looking forward to becoming effective communicators.
Mohan T. Motwani (Ex Marketing Head, Cipla and Abbot Mumbai - India)

Often, we assume that our communication has been effective and understood by the receiver; but in reality, it may have the contrary effect. This ‘communication recipe book’ can help young readers to develop their communication skills. With gripping examples from real life and scrumptious ‘food for thought’, the author has touched upon all the essential ingredients necessary to communicate effectively. The book written lucidly will keep the reader glued and complete the ten Sunday brunches in one sitting! A must read for all those in the field of communication and advertising.
Radhika Rane (Raut) (Pharma Advertising, Mumbai, India)

“Communication works for those who work at it,” said John Powell. Communication is a skill which can make or break careers of people. Even managing our routine day to day activities requires effective communication. Vivek Hattangadi’s book will be an excellent guide to all who want to succeed in professional life. The author does a great job of explaining communication tactics in an easy and enjoyable way. The analogies are written in a playful and ‘easily digestible’ manner. This book is a useful resource for all. Learning has been made fun!
Taniya Idris (Pharma Brand Manager, Dhaka – Bangladesh)

Vivek Hattangadi presents the book in a unique style. The chapters are in the form of weekly Sunday Brunches. The offerings in these brunches can be useful not only for success in one’s profession, but also in one’s personal life. The Digestive Aid after every Sunday Brunch is worthy of note. The real life episodes can help readers learn from Vivek Hattangadi’s experiences. Maanasi Hattangadi’s illustrations add special flair and flavor to the book. This book is an ideal guide for every sales person who desires to grow. Dr. Ulhas Ganu Pharma Consultant, Mumbai

About the author(s)

This is the third book by Vivek Hattangadi. His earlier two books have been widely read and acclaimed.

1. 'WHAT THE PHARMA CEO WANTS FROM THE BRAND MANAGER: OVERCOME THE TOUGH CHALLENGES OF PHARMA BRANDING' has run into its second edition. This is the only book on pharma brand management in Asia.

2. 'PHARMA FIRST-LINE LEADER TO CEO: THE ROADMAP TO SUCCESS' is a virtual autobiography of the author. It also has the autobiographical sketches of four Indian pharma leaders who have risen from medical representatives to CEOs. These include Mr. C. M. Hatangadi, Dr. Ganesh Nayak, Mr. Hariram Krishnan and Mr. Shyamal Ghosh.

This book, the third by the author, 'TOTAL COMMUNICATION: THE DNA OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION' is intended to be a handy guide for youngsters entering the corporate world. Veterans will also be benefitted.

Contact: Vivek Hattangadi at vivekhattangadi@theenablers.org / www.theenablers.org

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