The fear of failure (eBook)

The fear of failure (eBook)

by Y V Chawla (write a review)
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Genre: Philosophy, Self-Improvement
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Description of "The fear of failure (eBook)"

One is stressed, one is stuck up not because fear of failure is troubling one, but because one wants to do away with this fear, this unpleasantness.
Unless one is in immediate physical danger- what one calls struggle is only through thinking. There is no struggle in actual action, in actual movement. If you notice that you are struggling through thinking only and are trying to find stable relief, struggle vanishes as stable relief through thinking is not possible. One is now attuned to supreme relaxation, attuned to actuality from moment to moment.
Brain can not operate without contrast. Whatever you may hold, know, possess or practise-you can not become psychologically safe, secured, certain. Some uncertainty, some lack, some need will come up for you to move. It is your continued exposure to uncertainty and ambiguity that gives contrast to manifestation, certainty-connects you to the Original.

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