God Examined

God Examined

by Faisal Khan (1 review, add another)
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Genre: Philosophy, Religion & Spirituality
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Description of "God Examined"

A book aimed at an objective analysis of the God hypothesis, to find answers to the most fundamental existential questions like: why does the universe exist? Why does it exist the way it exists, with so much evil and suffering in the world? Why do we exist, does our life have a purpose? Do we have free will, or is everything predetermined? Does the God hypothesis answer these questions satisfactorily? Is there any objective, empirical, and indisputable proof for God? This book tries to answer these and more such questions using the knowledge of modern physics, engineering, biology, philosophy, and theology. The central theme of the book is the subjective nature of the concept of God, and the implications of this subjectivity. If God exists then why is there no consensus on it amongst the thinkers? Why is this matter not as clear, as obvious, and as evident as the moon in the sky? Why do the thinkers differ over the subject? Why is this topic so mired in debates and disputes? This is the defining question around which all the other analyses in the book revolve, leading to the examination of the God hypothesis!

About the author(s)

Faisal Khan is an independent researcher, free thinker and writer on the combined subjects of modern physics, philosophy, and religion; a multidisciplinary branch of knowledge he calls Pheosophy (physics + theology + philosophy), with special interest in the critical analysis of Islam and contemporary Islamic affairs. Engaged in dedicated research since 2009, a voracious reader and fiery orator with a flair for putting his thoughts to paper. Armed with a post graduate degree in electronics engineering from Sathyabama University, Chennai, India; currently a software developer with a world leading software services development firm in Kolkata, India. Electronics engineering is his other area of interest. He aims to be in the league of those who changed the course of human history with their ideas, 'God Examined' and ‘The scourge of terrorism: Does Islam promote it?’ being his first productions towards that direction.

Visit him at his website: www.faisalkhan.in
See his Amazon author page and buy the kindle version of his books at: http://amazon.com/author/faisalkhan_pheosophy
Read him on Quora at: http://quora.com/profile/Faisal-Khan-531
Visit his FB page: http://facebook.com/www.pheosophy.in
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Mail him at: faisalkhan.pheosophy@gmail.com

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Reviews of "God Examined"
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Re: God Examined by gauher
30 August 2016 - 10:14pm

The book has a potential to create casualties just as "The Origin of Species" had, as the writer navigates an objective to threaten the subjective beliefs on an issue as sensitive and sacred as God!The reader is left with a dented belief on the cosmopolitan future of the Divine!

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