Collection of Daroods

by Imam Abu Abdullah Aljazuli (write a review)
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Genre: Religion & Spirituality
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Description of "DALAIL-UL-KHAIRAT"

The cause of writing this book by the author is on his experience of miraculous power of a Darood uttered by a young girl and blown on a well, which caused the water at the bottom of well to swell up, gush forth, whereupon the author performed the abulations required for his prayer. The particular Darood is also included in the Daroods of the book.

About the author(s)

Abu Abdullah Aljazuli was passing near a house in a desert and the hour of prayer came near. He needed water for performing abulations, but water was at the bottom of the well nearby. There was no arrangement to lift the water and he made rounds of the well. A young girl was witnessing the uneasy Shaikh and she asked him, about his restlessness. He told her about his need for water. The girl came down, uttered something and blew on the well.Lo! the water gushed out of the well and the Shaikh performed his abulations. After finishing his prayers, he begged of the girl to tell him about the secret words. She told him that it was the miraculous power of a Darood. On returning to his home Shaikh drafted a book on Daroods, which included this Darood as well. The author promises one can witness the Prophet (PBH) in dream, if the eight parts of the book are recited regularly in eight days constantly and much more.

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